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US Patent  9,482,384 issued November 1, 2016:  "Support, Suspension, Drive, and Position Control System for Rotary Equipment "


Energy and Maintenance Saving Industrial Equipment Design

Energy Savings      >      Lower Process Cost       >      Lower Emissions      >      Increased Production      >      Sustainability

Save your chemical or industrial company time and money with state-of-the-art process design. Our professionals specialize in engineering and optimizing everything to cut your costs. 

Member of the American Institute of   Chemical Engineers®  



FREE Cashflow Analysis on Every Project


Equipment / Process / Facility Design and Optimization

Sustain your business with state-of-the-art, innovative, 21st century, and sometimes revolutionary equipment design.

Specializing in materials processing, solids heating, and all-around ENERGY OPTIMIZATION / FOOTPRINT REDUCTION.

Our professionals will study, re-think, re-engineer and optimize everything about your process to cut costs.

TWO locations:  Cora, WY and Dover, ID

NEWS1:  US Patent 9,482,384 is available for purchase, partnering development, or licensing.  This is a "Revolution in Rotary Equipment".    Please contact for complete details on this unique opportunity.

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NEWS2:  World Cement published an article on the "Revolution in Rotary Equipment".  See the November, 2019 issue.  PDF link is being prepared.  

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