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US Patent  9,482,384 issued November 1, 2016:  "Support, Suspension, Drive, and Position Control System for Rotary Equipment "


Save Energy, Cut Maintenance

 Innovative Industrial Equipment Design

Energy Savings      >      Lower Process Cost       >      Lower Emissions      >      Increased Production      >      Sustainability

Save your chemical or industrial company time and money with state-of-the-art process design. Our professionals specialize in engineering and optimizing everything to cut your costs. 

Member of the American Institute of   Chemical Engineers®  



 40 Years of Process Experience

Solvay Innovation Trophy 2000

Registered Professional Engineer in Wyoming



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Forty years of experience in minerals processing, mostly natural soda ash / trona, with an
emphasis on process design, energy and equipment optimization.

Skill Areas

Combustion Efficiency                                    
Rotary Kiln, Calciner, and Dryer Internals                                       
Refractory and Insulation                                                    
Process Safety and HAZOP                               
Natural Gas Transportation                              
Air Quality Permitting                                      
NOx and Particulate Control                             
Fluid Flow Design on Pipe-Flo

  • Material and Energy Balances on Excel      
  • Autocad 2014 (2D)
  • Process Instrument and Flow Diagrams
  • Energy Audits 
  • Expert Witness
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Drawing Review and Modification
  • Online and Classroom Instruction    


Initiated, installed and realized numerous innovations, including two US patents and two trade
secrets, which en masse resulted in 10% plant energy savings and 10% plant production increase
over the course of 24 year career at Solvay.  Awarded Solvay Innovation Trophy in 2000.  Retired and started technology discovery and consulting company, Design20FIRST, LLC.

Professional Experience

Senior Design Engineer                                      Jul 2013 to Current

Design20FIRST LLC - Cora, WY
Founded company with mission of disrupting old process technology via a collaboration of
talented engineers, thinkers and inventors. One US patent issued in 2016. One is in writing. Three are in concept stage.

Senior Process Engineer                                     Apr 1989 to Jul 2013

Solvay Chemicals, Inc. - Green River, WY
Lead process engineer / plant liaison on major plant expansions (1991 and 2001).  Followed each
with process optimization and energy reduction. Last major project completed in 2012 was
gathering methane from long wall mining operations, transporting to the plant, and combusting
in calciners and dryers. That project reduced gas bill up to 20% plus significant carbon credits.

Process Engineer                                                 Apr 1981 to Apr 1989

Stauffer Chemical Company / OCI - Green River, WY
Process engineer assigned to rotary calciners and dryers. Significant energy savings
achieved through operation and maintenance improvements.

Education and Training

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering, 1972

Pennsylvania State University - University Park, PA, USA

AIChE Decision and Risk Analysis of Projects (online course)


American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Inventors Association of Idaho


Rock Springs - Sweetwater County Airport Board (1986 to 1995)

Pend Oreille River Passage Bike Trail Committee, 2015 -

City of Dover Comprehensive Plan Committee Member, 2016 - 

Dover Bay, Bayside South Condominiums HOA, Treasurer, 2015 - 2016 (Springboard for new skill: Property Management Consulting!)