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US Patent  9,482,384 issued November 1, 2016:  "Support, Suspension, Drive, and Position Control System for Rotary Equipment "


Save Energy, Cut Maintenance

 Innovative Industrial Equipment Design

Energy Savings      >      Lower Process Cost       >      Lower Emissions      >      Increased Production      >      Sustainability

Save your chemical or industrial company time and money with state-of-the-art process design. Our professionals specialize in engineering and optimizing everything to cut your costs. 

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FREE Cash Flow Analysis on Every Project

Optimize your process and equipment with help from Design20FIRST LLC of Cora, Wyoming. Our specialists use creative and cutting edge techniques to investigate, evaluate, design and modify your equipment, process and overall facility to improve energy efficiency.

Higher production, lower emissions, smaller carbon footprint, improved process safety, lower maintenance, and enhanced sustainability (all) often result from these improvements.

Innovative Engineering

Successful optimization involves root cause study, equipment troubleshooting, and brainstorming. 

Trade secret, invention, patent development, technology licensing, and final product implementation and realization are the main objectives of our involvement in your process....often with minimal investment in time and capital. 

Inventions can be mutually assigned as appropriate.  We work with your vendors through pre-arrangement.  We abide by your secrecy agreements.   


Our specialty is direct heat transfer to solids using direct-fired rotary and fluid bed kilns, dryers, and calciners and encompasses all associated combustion equipment, emissions control, heat recovery systems, and utilities. Also, (indirect) steam tube dryers and evaporators.  

However, we can energy optimize just about anything


Detailed Services Provided by Design20FIRST LLC


Areas of Expertise

  •      Combustion
  •      Refractory
  •      Rotary Kiln Configuration and Internals
  • NEW:
  • Rotary Equipment  -  Support, Suspension, Drive, and Position Control Systems
  • Rotary Equipment  -  Replace Worn Out, Dated, Conventional Trunnions, Rollers, Gear Drives with Latest Technology and with a Fraction of the Downtime                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  •      Steam Tube Dryer Configuration and Internals
  •      Insulation Design and Optimization
  •      WTE (waste-to-energy)
  •      MVR (mechanical vapor recompression) Evaporation
  •      Air and Gas Movement
  •      Steam Generation
  •      Water Systems
  •      Natural Gas Transportation
  •      NOx, SOx, CO2, and Particulate Control
  •      Air Quality Permitting                                                                                                                                
  • Engineering Services                                    
  •                  Material and Energy Balance on Excel  
  •                  Process Flow Diagrams
  •                  Process Instrument Diagrams
  •                  Drawing Review and Modification
  •                  Complete Life Cycle Economic Analysis
  •                  Decision and Risk Analysis of Projects   

  •                  Process Safety and HAZOP Analysis

  •                  Expert Witness
  •                  Energy Audit
  •                  Patent Writing  
  •                  Online and Classroom Training
  •                  Autocad 2014 (2D)
  •                  Fluid Flow Design on Pipe-Flo
  •                  3EPLUS Insulation Calculation