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US Patent  9,482,384 issued November 1, 2016:  "Support, Suspension, Drive, and Position Control System for Rotary Equipment "


Save Energy, Cut Maintenance

 Innovative Industrial Equipment Design

Energy Savings      >      Lower Process Cost       >      Lower Emissions      >      Increased Production      >      Sustainability

Save your chemical or industrial company time and money with state-of-the-art process design. Our professionals specialize in engineering and optimizing everything to cut your costs. 

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Do it yourself energy savings.....

# 1        Material and Energy Balance Your Process on Excel.   A.  Know where every pound and BTU (Kg and Joule) are going and what they are doing;   B. Itemize and prioritize possible improvements;  C.  Model possible modifications and calculate the savings.  Free examples upon request. 

# 2       Source Combustion Air from Inside the Process Building (assuming makeup air is available).   A.  It’s usually warm, so it's free * preheated air;  B. It increases flame temperature, which increases heat transfer to the process;  C.  It increases building ventilation;  D. It reduces load on building ventilation system.  E.  Often it can be sourced from hot locations, increasing the preheating benefit and reducing the cooling load in those areas.

           *   (by capturing hot air that normally gets vented or escapes through various openings)

# 3        Onstream Increase.  A.  Equipment that is idling, low-firing, or frequently starting / stopping is using energy without producing anything;   B.  BTU/pound of product ---> infinity (poor efficiency);  C.  Improve maintenance and operations to reduce downtime.  This will have major impact on energy efficiency.  And production.  Common sense, but some managers give short shrift (inadequate cash flow analysis) to good maintenance and planning. 

# 4         Reduce MVR Backpressure.  A. Makeup steam is injected after the mechanical vapor compression steam compressor.  B. This causes elevated pressure on the discharge, which moves the steam flow down on the performance curve, which translates into reduced evaporation rate.  C.  Solution -- Reduce Makeup Steam by:  1. Super-insulating the vessels and piping to reduce heat loss;  2. Preheat the feed liquor to match the body temperature;  3.  Rigorously monitor and control steam non-condensibles venting.  

Not only will makeup steam flow go down, but production will go up.  

# 5           Convert to LED lighting.   The economics should include potential savings from reduction in AC cooling load.  Air conditioners are only 40% efficient, so a 100W incandescent bulb, which emits 80W of heat, requires 200W of AC energy to remove that heat.   Total energy savings from one 100W bulb conversion to LED is really 280W!